Way wise were our ancestors; the years that pass us by only prove their farsightedness and relevant intricate interactions with our lifestyle choices. Peep into any kitchen in India and you will see an array of utensils used to prepare various dishes. Whether to roll a simple roti or cook an elaborate cuisine, kitchens of India bring to the forefront the vitality of a wholesome home-cooked meal.

The kadhais and the tawas have evolved over the years yet, not forgetting their essential purpose. In older days, an abundance of different materials was used in the construction of said utensils, in order to prevent a multitude of illnesses. Most of these have been used for generations for their anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

At nyaro, as vital as the bindi and the ghungroo is our bartan heritage to us. This is what made us resurrect the idea of the pital(brass) and tamba(copper) that we haven’t seen around in recent years. Taking inspiration from India in all its sone ki chidiya glory, the intention is to create unique pieces of traditional popularity. The muse was the warmth of every Indian household and the warmer it got with every choolha that blazed inside it. Our aim is to create a range of traditional kitchenware that are handmade and adorned with artworks by skilled artisans. Thus, adoration for food and dining, utilitarian design, and detailing biased towards aesthetic are what became the soul to the skin of this label.


For us, the state of Rajasthan embodied the very soul of being close to Indian art. At the grass root level, utility comes before the need to adorn. When talking in reference to Rajasthan, here, beauty comes almost immediately in the trail of utility – not as an afterthought.

Hence, Rajasthan fit the frame almost as if tailor-made for the revival of traditional kitchenware in India. A home for fine metalwork for centuries, Rajasthan provides more than most places would. The utensils made in brass, copper, kansa and silver have been a symbol of the soil that speaks loud through most of our inherent cultures. In Rajasthan, the utensils’ history is vast, varying from exuberant, bespoke and kitsch kitchens of royalty to mass households and now, museums. The tale of these utensils reiterates the cultural history of our country.


A hierarchy was followed to be able to ensure a safe, interesting and a solid fail proof plan of action to revive the bartans. Saturated with a thought out design ideology, the project was well endowed with artistically satiated indulgences.

These utensils are handcrafted and handpainted by skilled artisans. We take care of the tiniest details starting from choosing the best quality metal sheets to the products transformation to a utilitarian piece. We believe irregularities add to the aesthetics. The products at Nyaro are carefully coated on the insides – a process known as kalai – to prevent utensils from corrosion and provide you with a satisfactory experience.